The Trainer's Edge™

Help Your Subject Matter Experts Become Excellent Trainers

It takes more than being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to be a great trainer. Having information down cold is an important attribute of a good trainer, but it’s just the beginning.

This 'train the trainer' program is jam-packed with proven techniques, best practices that work, and opportunities to put your skills into action.

The Trainer's Edge™ gives SMEs the skills and
practice they need to be great trainers.

The Trainer's Edge presents a complete process for creating powerful, effective training programs through six core modules:

Planning content for trainers


Like any business investment, planning is an important part of the project. It's the time to decide what the learners need to get out of the training and how you will know that the objectives were met. In this part of the training, you will record questions and discussion points for the conversation so you are well prepared to plan meaningful training.

Content presentation for trainers

Assembling & Presenting Content

Developing content means more than dumping everything that is known into a bulleted list in PowerPoint.  This module shows you when and how to leverage existing materials, use effective visuals (beyond PPT), and utilize best practices for course development.

The Learning Environment

In addition to great content, it is important to create an environment that fosters learning for all learning styles. We explore the key elements needed to create an environment that will maximize the experience for your learners.  You will practice important strategies for engaging learners - and their brains - during the experience.

Managing Time & Energy

There is an art and science to managing time in the classroom, whether training lasts 2 hours or 2 months.  You will leave this workshop with skills for managing time for the duration of your training.You will also fill your toolbox with techniques to keep the energy up for both you and your participants.

Handling Difficult Situations

Eventually, every trainer runs into challenging people and difficult situations. You will prepare yourself for handling these situations tactfully and effectively.

Testing & Evaluation

Measuring results of training ranges from people's initial response, to the return on investment. We delve into the levels of evaluating training. You will leave with an action plan specific to your company, subject matter and environment.

Discover The Secrets To Selecting A Great Trainer

  • The 6 Attributes Great Trainers MUST Have
  • The 4 Habits Of ALL Great Trainers
  • How To Confidently Select The RIGHT Person To Become Your Trainer

Bring Your Ideas To Train The Trainer

We use case studies and group discussions to prepare for things that can’t be replicated in class, such as managing difficult participants. Bring your challenges (real or imagined) to class and we will work on them together!  So that each person gets plenty of time to practice, class size is limited!

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