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The Answer Isn’t Always Training

“We need training.”  This statement is a common knee-jerk reaction to address things like employee engagement, performance and turnover. However, there are many things that could be part of a solution, in addition to or instead of training. This article will get you thinking about all the possibilities. When a client requests training, I resist […]

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Engaging Learners Online

Whether you are developing online learning from scratch or converting classroom training to be delivered online, there are new best practices and guidelines for engaging learners.  I have found these strategies to be extremely effective. By providing both synchronous and asynchronous components of the training, participants have multiple ways to engage with the material and […]

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Too Many Meetings?!

A huge headache most of us can relate to is… we are invited to too many meetings!  And most of them are unproductive. With too many unproductive meetings, people have less time to do actual work. You know the story – you’re in meetings all day and are forced to do your work during evenings […]

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Can you really teach soft skills virtually?

The short answer is YES! A skilled facilitator can be effective at teaching soft skills in a virtual environment. From communication to management skills, it’s all possible. So how do you teach things like leadership, management and communications skills virtually? Here are three nuggets I’ve learned since mid-March. 1.      Attention spans are shorter when people looking […]

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Manager Training – what to include?

I recently wrapped up a 9-month Manager Training program for a client. As a capstone, participants shared three key learning points and how they made changes in their work. Here, I’m sharing takeaways that stood up for people in the training. These topics are a must for training managers and leaders in your organization. Communicating […]

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Developing Employees from Hire to Exit

The employee journey starts with the recruitment process and moves through onboarding to development and finally exit. We call this process a “People System”. A company’s ‘people system’ carries an employee through their entire journey, from recruitment to exit.  Ideally, the employee journey is aligned with the company’s vision, mission and values. As this image depicts, employees […]

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How Important is New Employee Onboarding?

In a Bamboo HR study of over 1,000 workers, 31% reported having quit a job within the first six months.  According to the research participants, the top reasons for leaving were a poor onboarding experience, a lack of clarity surrounding job duties and expectations, or a less than stellar boss. We know that ‘people leave […]

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Consider These 6 Elements for Your Leadership Development Program

These 6 elements will enrich your leadership development training program.  A Sponsor. This is someone on the executive team who is a champion for the program. They participate in the kickoff and celebration, as well as one other point in the program. Coaching. Provide a coach to each participant to process and integrate what they’re […]

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