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What Is The Lack Of Great Training Costing You?

Does every new hire ramp up quickly? And are they actively engaged in their role?

If not, you’re losing money.

Are your subject matter experts also excellent trainers?

If not, you’re losing hours.

Do your teams mesh well with each other, and other departments?

If not, you’re wasting time.

Are your leaders equipped with management and leadership skills? 

If not, you’re losing people.

Are Your Subject Matter Experts Great At Training What They Know?

The Trainer's Edge helps your SME's gain the skills and techniques to become great trainers,
and create a more knowledgeable, productive team with a unified understanding of your business' processes.

We help you save money, time and good people with...

  • New Employee Orientation and Onboarding Programs that shorten ramp up, increase engagement and lower turnover
  • Train the Trainer for subject matter experts to leverage their knowledge and skills
  • Executive Retreats to articulate the company’s Vision, Mission and Values statement
  • Performance Management Systems that align everything from interviews to performance plans with your company's vision, values and goals
  • Custom Team Sessions that replace tension and miscommunication with clarity and collaboration
  • Management Training for front line and first time supervisors
  • A collaborative approach that gets you what you need in your business

Meet Leigh-Ann, Founding Principle

Leigh-Ann has been in the learning & development industry for over 20 years. She have served a variety of industries, like financial services, manufacturing and construction services. Leigh-Ann has worked with companies with two employees to over 5,000 employees, and enjoys engaging with people at every level of the organization.

Leigh-Ann's passion and expertise shine through, whether she's working with micro business or large organizations.

Learn more about Leigh-Ann.

Leigh-Ann Zaharevich

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