Team building puzzle

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To develop your unique team experience, we carefully assess what is happening (or not happening) within and/or among the team(s). We then design a course and/or experience to draw out issues that are hindering success.  These events are engaging, experiential and fun. They always result in action plans and new commitments.  Team sessions are typically held off-site and may be in a classroom, park or at a horse ranch. When appropriate, we utilize assessment tools like 360 feedback, team assessments and DiSC.


Here are two very different examples of team sessions.

 5 Building Blocks of High-Performing Teams

This is a twist to Patrick Lencioni’s dysfunctional team model. We take a positive approach to building effective teams. Team members assess their own teams and write an action plan for steps that they can personally take to improve team performance.  We step through the model from the foundation of trust to having respectful debate, to commitment and accountability to arrive at results.  This module is classroom-based.



Photo by Leigh-Ann Zaharevich

 Horse Power Leadership

Since humans and horses are both herd animals, horses have a lot to teach us. They too experience hierarchies, jealousy, moods, friendships, conflict and love. This powerful, experiential course takes us to the wild west where we throw on the boots and work with horses to learn about communication and leadership.

By observing, leading and working the horses, we explore such questions as…

  • What does it take to lead effectively?
  • How are leaders selected?
  • Which behaviors are most and least effective in leading?
  • How can I better deal with obstacles?
  • What do I need to know before being a great leader?

Ground work only; no horse experience required. Limit 12 people.


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