Just Frickin’ Do it!

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 by

Have you ever been sitting at your computer facing a task that you “have” to do and find yourself thinking about the Girl Scout cookies in the pantry? Or the laundry in the basement? Or the rerun of CSI on Hulu? Well….. you can’t hide from it. When entrepreneurs get stuck, there’s no threat of


I helped facilitate a leadership program at Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO earlier this month. Nearly 20 people came to learn from the horses at the ranch. We started the morning with a mindfulness walk. Lead rope in hand, horse to follow. What were you present to as this 1,000 pound animal walked beside

As an Entrepreneur, you probably always have a lot going on.  If you’ve ever missed a deadline or an appointment, lost a business card or just plain forgot an appointment, these tips will help you keep mayhem at bay. 1. Keep files, not piles. Instead of piling things up on your desk, organize it by

Know Grow Thrive in the News… Read the new Press Release:  For Entrepreneurs: New Business Course Uses Horses to Teach Inner Game and Outer Game of Business

Here are some great thoughts from Roger Ehrenberg on business plans for new businesses. I love his distinction between business planning and a business plan. Enjoy. As I answered on Quora, an angel investor who asks you for a business plan for a seed stage Internet start-up doesn’t know what they’re doing. An entrepreneur needs

Must have PASSION

Monday, 03 January 2011 by

This article talks about PASSION. A great way to bring in 2011. As entrepreneurs, we also need to have that all important ‘why’ to keep the passion alive. I’ve seen many people start strong and then peter out because their ‘why’ is not strong enough. For me, it’s the freedom to work on my own

If you are like 80 percent of Americans, you believe that the U.S. economy has been, and will continue to be, built by entrepreneurs. Accordingly, if the U.S. economy is going to have a sustained recovery, it will be up to its entrepreneurs to lead the way. The Kauffman Foundation on Entrepreneurship…. Watch the video

As one person doing everything yourself for your business, do you find it difficult to stay organized? Most solo professionals do! It’s a case of too little AND too much–too LITTLE space, too MUCH paper, and too LITTLE time. 1. Too Little Space What happens is that a home-based business usually starts small, so the