I was recently asked to coach a team of managers to make better hiring decisions.  This group was fairly  new to management and the company was growing fast.  Here are some suggestions I gave… Hiring managers need to thoroughly understand what they are looking for. This doesn’t stop at the list of ‘technical’ skills required to

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Teambuilding is more than bowling outings and falling backward with a blindfold on.  Building an affective team takes conscious effort, and that could mean taking time away from the office to have ‘open’ dialogue about how the team is performing.  Note the special emphasis on ‘open’. One of the reasons teambuilding has gotten a bad

Are you getting ready to hire your first employee?  Or maybe you have employees already, but have never had any formal training in recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff.  Either way, these 9 steps will help you increase your chances of hiring the right person. Be very clear about what the business needs.  Take some time

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Ever been hijacked?!

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Have you ever been so mad, scared or frustrated that you might even have called yourself “out of control”?  If so, you may have very well been experiencing an ‘emotional hijack’.  Let me explain. When we are feeling attacked, the brain kicks in to protect us. Physically.  There is an almond-shaped piece of the brain

Unfortunately, some companies have had an experience where they’ve hired someone to do conduct a team-building session and it turned out to be a fun activity but did not impact the team’s performance. How can you be sure this doesn’t happen to you? First, make sure the consultant you’re working with understands your team issues,