Do you know what made McDonald’s so successful? It was not Ray Kroc’s goal to sell the best hamburger in town. It was not his intention to serve the tastiest milkshake. Ray Kroc’s philosophy was to build a restaurant SYSTEM that would be famous for food of consistently high quality and uniform methods of preparation.

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5 Ways to Rock 2014

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 by

Are you planning on 2014 being a profitable year?  Here are some ways to get you there… 1 – Focus on RGA’s. RGA’s are revenue-generating activities. RGA’s are those which are directly linked to closing the sale. This varies by business, but they include things like cold-calling, setting appointments, submitting bids, having initial customer meetings,

Biz Bits from Business Tycoons

Thursday, 19 December 2013 by

At the annual Espirit Entrepreneur event in Boulder, CO this year, I had the opportunity to learn from four of the most prominent business owners in town.  This year’s panel of experts shared their experiences and words of wisdom for entrepreneurs. On the panel were: Ÿ        Libby Cook, Co-Founder of Wild Oats, Sunflower Markets and Philanthropiece

How big is your frying pan?

Thursday, 05 December 2013 by

One sunny day, two fisherman were at a dock throwing in their lines. One was about 12 years old and the other was well over 80. The older man was hooking fish left and right. This of course drew the young boy’s attention.  The old fisherman would take the fish off the hook and measure

In just 6 weeks we’ll be turning the calendar to begin 2014.  A new quarter, a new year. As the end of the fourth quarter and the end of the year approach, it’s a great time to ask yourself some questions…  What are your overall intentions for 2014, pertaining to revenue, profit, employees, location, customers,

99% of the time when I hear a client talk about a difficult situation with a client, the problem can be traced back to one root cause. There is a common theme among every single situation, regardless of what business they’re in. Can you guess what that is? If you guessed that they did not

Get an objective eye

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 by

“WHAT THE [Expl*tive]?!” At my gym, the row machines sit next to the windows that overlook the racket ball courts. I like using those row machines because for some reason, watching other people sweat makes my workout go faster.  The other day, I was zoning out a bit and then I heard a loud expletive

Are you standing in the way of your own success?  Are you having less success in your business than you think you should?  If not, you may know someone who is.  Chances are the reason they’re not reaching their potential is that they have a big BUT holding them back. What’s a big BUT? Big

I can tell this story because I was one of those brides who worked to lose weight for my wedding.  I had to look good in those photos, ya know.  I sacrificed food I liked and forced myself to go to the gym. Shortly after the wedding, I started to gain weight again. I had

Trying to figure out if you’re leaving money on the table is like proving whether the frig light goes out when the door closes.  You can’t be sure, but it’s a pretty good guess that it does.

Here are three times in business when there is a chance of leaving money on the table. Go through this list slowly and honestly to assess where you may be leaving money behind and decreasing your revenue without even knowing it.

Before the job:

  • Not following up on leads
  • Calling leads back too late
  • Not being prepared for the sales conversation
  • Not asking how they found you (so you know what marketing is working, and whom to thank for referrals)
  • Not asking for the job
  • Not negotiating with your vendors

During the job:

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