Onboarding and Orientation ~  Sometimes these words are used interchangeably, but they are distinctly different. This article explains the difference, and the benefits of each. Definitions New Hire Orientation is a training event that may take anywhere from two hours to multiple days.  It is typically a classroom experience where new hires meet people from different

I was recently asked to coach a team of managers to make better hiring decisions.  This group was fairly  new to management and the company was growing fast.  Here are some suggestions I gave… Hiring managers need to thoroughly understand what they are looking for. This doesn’t stop at the list of ‘technical’ skills required to

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Teambuilding is more than bowling outings and falling backward with a blindfold on.  Building an affective team takes conscious effort, and that could mean taking time away from the office to have ‘open’ dialogue about how the team is performing.  Note the special emphasis on ‘open’. One of the reasons teambuilding has gotten a bad

Whether you are offering training and development for the first time, or have a robust catalog, it is always a good practice to quality-check the program design. This is true for both in-house and outsourced programs.  In fact, it’s more important for outsourced programs so that you ensure the best use of your investment, and

Here are some quick tips on developing the most important investment in your business. Hire right. Use strategic interview questions to ensure you are hiring someone who is aligned with the job, the team and the company culture. Build bench strength. Continually assess and develop individuals instead of waiting for a senior spot to open

Don’t have time to site and read the entire book?  Here are a few highlights of the ideas presented in Think and Grow Rich. Great dreams can turn into riches. Here are two examples from the book: The Wright brothers said they would build a machine that would fly through the air. People laughed until

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Here’s the 5 minute brief of the best selling business book by Michael Gerber, The E-Myth.  Michael explains that there are three primary roles needed in a business for it to survive and thrive. They are the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur. TECHNICIAN  (10% of your time) ROLE: Doer. They will do it themselves,

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Do you know what made McDonald’s so successful? It was not Ray Kroc’s goal to sell the best hamburger in town. It was not his intention to serve the tastiest milkshake. Ray Kroc’s philosophy was to build a restaurant SYSTEM that would be famous for food of consistently high quality and uniform methods of preparation.

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Not all MasterMind groups are created equal!. By attending one, you have not attended all. Some people equate leads groups with mastermind groups and this drives me Bonkers!!  They could not be further apart. The purpose of a leads group is to exchange leads, and to create cash flow for the founder (in all honesty).

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Are you getting ready to hire your first employee?  Or maybe you have employees already, but have never had any formal training in recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff.  Either way, these 9 steps will help you increase your chances of hiring the right person. Be very clear about what the business needs.  Take some time

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