Improving organizational performance one person at a time

When you work with Aligned Performance you benefit from a custom solution that aligns with your people, your culture and of course your business objectives. That solution may include any number of training and/or Organizational Development initiatives.

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Here are some of the key areas we focus on:

  • Leadership Development (ask about our year-long program)
  • Performance Management (aligning individual performance with company goals)
  • Management Skills Training (from interviews to performance reviews)
  • Professional Development (yes, this includes time management)
  • New Employee Onboarding (to shorten ramp up time and improve retention)
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  • Improving Team Performance (within and between teams)
  • Train the Trainer (helping subject matter experts be better trainers)

Our training sessions are interactive and experiential, and always end in the writing of an action plan. We help people integrate the ideas and information that are shared into their daily work. Every program, team discussion and training event is customized to meet your unique needs and priorities.

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What is Organizational Performance?

The performance of an organization is determined by many factors, such as the business' financial health, market performance and customer satisfaction. All of the factors influencing organizational performance are directly impacted by the people in the organization. Typically, when the performance of its people is high, so is that of the organization.

High performance means...

  • Each person gives 100% to their job
  • Each person has a development plan to lead them to the next step in their career
  • Employees are more likely to recommend the workplace as a great place to work
  • Teams work respectfully through differing opinions
  • Mis-communication is less likely
  • Work is done efficiently
  • The right people are hired because interview questions are aligned with company goals
  • Accountability is built in to the performance management system
  • High performers are more likely to stay

Providing leadership development, teambuiling, training and business consulting.

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